Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi. I am going to do 20 little things.

First thing you should know: I like to make lists.

Second thing: I am rarely good at following them.

And so it is against all odds (gotta ratchet up the drama, right) that I set out to blog my way through a master to-do list of 20 little things.

They really are small things. Nothing earth-shattering. But they're soul-boosting. They make me feel nice and happy. And that's nice for everyone.

What do you need to know about me? Not too much, I'd think. We all have lists like this, the things we mean to do. Some people write them down. Some people just know in their heads and hearts what's on their list.
But no matter which approach you take, I'd venture to say, a lot of people never get around to crossing those items off.

I want to make 2010 fab. I want to emerge from the other side feeling like, you know what, I didn't waste my time this year. I did some things. I had some fun. I was good to me, good to the people I love, good to the earth, good to strangers.

So off we go.

Here's what's on my list. Along the way, I'll blog about how I'm doing. I'll share photos and videos. I'll try to update this frequently. I'm going to invite a number of "real-life" contacts -- my friends and family -- to follow this. If you are one of those people (aren't YOU lucky!) than I would love love love for you to join me in any of these (in fact, you'll be forced to join me in some of them) and to comment here and hold me accountable in person. Smack me around a little when I'm slacking. Tell me I rock, and that I smell pretty -- that's just something everyone likes to hear.

And share your list with me, and I won't mind smacking you around or telling you you rock either.

Enough blathering. Here's my list, presenting in no real order.
1. Bake sourdough bread.
2. Write something not for work.
3. Run a 10K.
4. Take more videos of Luke.
5. Fast once per quarter.
6. Take Luke to the beach.
7. Keep an up-to-date calendar.
8. Establish a 6 a.m. workout routine that works.
9. Eat more whole grains and fruits and veggies and less meat.
10. Read 25 books.
11. Drink more water.
12. Do something service related once a month.
13. Set aside 30 minutes per week for prayer.
14. Go on six dates -- out of the house -- with my husband.
15. Go to breakfast with friends once a month.
16. Hold a dinner party.
17. Mark something crafty.
18. Call my brothers once a month.
19. Do a random act of kindness once a month -- must be for a stranger.
20. Write one handwritten letter and mail it each month.
21. Grow a fresh herb.

What? Yeah, there are 21 things. Why? Well, because look, life is inevitably going to make one of these hard. I just know it. That's OK. If I don't do these all, that's OK. By having 21, I just make it that extra bit likely that I'll hit 20 little things.

So that's it. That's going to be my 2010. I think it'll be great. 

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