Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do I captivate you?

Finished another book, on my way to 25 books this year. It was one I received through It's called Captivating, Unlocking the Mysteries of a Woman's Soul.

I really liked it.

There is a very liberal part of me that wants to rebel against what this book teaches and say it's not true. But a deeper, truer part of me feels it was spot on, and there should be no shame in admitting that.

The book talks about the fall of mankind, as in, the whole Adam and Eve storyline. I'll stop right here and say that I don't believe that story in the Bible is literal, but a figurative representation of mankind's fall and the after effects of it.

I have to go to work and don't have a lot of time to right a full review right now. But here are the main things the book had me thinking about: how women are God's most cherished creation (and this is backed up with scripture); that our relationships on Earth are bound to disappoint us because we're all a bunch of screwed up, "fallen" humans; that as women, our curse is that we'll always strive for relationship but will never be able to be totally satisfied because of the aforementioned point; that God is there, waiting for us to turn to him for the ultimate relationship, one that can be perfect because God is capable of fully knowing and loving us perfectly, as no man (or friend) is. That as women, we yearn, absolutely yearn, for a few things, among them to feel like we're an irreplaceable part of an adventure, to reveal beauty and to have this question answered: "Am I lovely?"

I don't know about you.... but for me, that's pretty spot on.

It also talked about how our beauty (inner beauty, ladies, inner beauty) unleashes a man's strength. That some women "hide" their beauty through their desolation, their striving or their controlling. I think I've probably fallen into those striving and controlling camps more than once.

OK, my computer just randomly shut down and restarted so I'm outta time!

But anyway, this book was a very interesting read. I'll try to find a good except to post later!

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