Monday, February 1, 2010

January round-up

January by the numbers:

Things I finished from my list: 0
Nothing to scratch off, but that's OK. 11 months to go. 

Daily list items I give myself a B or higher grade in: 3 out of 4
I'm eating better (but nowhere near perfectly) drinking more water and eating more whole grains. I have established a Google calendar and have remembered to add some things to it. (Baby steps, people!) My 6 a.m. workout needs a major kick in the pants.

Monthly list items I completed in January: 3.5 out of 5
I did a random act of kindness. I wrote a letter (but still need to mail it). I went to breakfast with my friend Jules. I called both of my brothers. I did not technically do something service-related besides signing up to be a volunteer for the Detroit Reading Corps (more on this later!) and working for It's My Heart-Metro Detroit. I'm the chapter secretary. So I wasn't a total bum. But I do need to sweat it a little and push myself to really get my hands dirty and serve.

Ongoing list items I made progress on: 1
I read two books. Twenty-three to go. The one I really need to work on? OK, the two I need to work on? Setting aside a weekly half-hour for prayer. And taking more videos of Luke. Stay tuned for the one video I have later this week, and my plea for help (help!) for figuring out my video camera so I can take more.

Items left on list: 20 (with one spare)


January was decent. 

As they say... Onward and upward

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