Sunday, February 7, 2010

No. 3 -- Run a 10K

Why it's on the list: Because their was a time, not too long ago, that running was my release. It held an important spot in my life. It was not just how I kept in shape, but how I stayed centered, the best time I spent in prayer, my most creative brain-storming sessions. I miss the ache in my legs. I miss the confidence that comes with each stride on a day running feels really good. I miss feeling like I am slowly building up to something big. I even miss working through the problems -- the days one mile feels like 10, the inevitable struggle to get out the door, the need to carve out time that totally for ME in an overbooked life. I miss the deep sleep that comes when your body really needs it.

How I'll do it: I'm not sure. This is a tricky one. It's the time. How do I find the time to train for a race when I work full-time, watch Luke by myself in the evening and am dog-tired pretty much all the time? Well, I think for starters I need to jive this with my 6 a.m. workout routine. As soon as it warms up, just a bit, I think I need to try running in the morning before work. It won't be easy I'm sure, but there are thousands of people who do it. What do they have that I don't? Also, again, once it's a bit warmer, I do have a jogging stroller. I need to use it more. And I have weekends. I need to schedule long runs for Sundays and make them happen.

I also thinking signing up for a race soon will be key in keeping me motivated. I have one in mind -- the Heart of a Spartan 10K in East Lansing on May 2. It's the first year for the race, it's in a city that is dear to me, and it's in a very nice month for running weather. It's far enough away that if I get started soon, I'll be ready. I'm not going to sign up just yet.... but I think that will be it. 

I'll be back here soon.


  1. I will run the 5K on the same day!!! I have some time to improve my foot's condition to be able to do it!!

  2. Really?! Awesome! That will totally help with the motivation to know that you'll be there, too!


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