Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy things

One of the books in Luke's current rotation is called the "Pout-pout Fish." It's about a depressed fish that can't get over itself and find some joy in life. "I'm a pout-pout fish," he says, "with a pout-pout face, for spreading dreary-wearies all over the place."

I have been a bit of a pout-pout myself lately.

It bothers me.

So I'm dedicating this post to a bunch of random things that make me smile. To remind myself that I too should get over myself and look around and let some joy in.

Just read a lovely post a blog called Brighter Than Sunshine. Written by a woman who seems endlessly hip, it's partially about her and her husband's story of adoption. They are awaiting their Ethiopian daughter. Read this post about all the things this mama wants for her girl. Doesn't that say it all? Also, she is selling aprons to help finance the adoption, which she said will cost $25,000. This link will take you to the store where you can  buy one.

What else?

A recipe for Apple-Banana Cupcakes. Like a muffin, but with frosting. I must try these soon.

Speaking of delectable treats, check out this fabric-pattern inspired cake. How freaking cool is that?

When I'm feeling extra pout-pouty, a good place to check in is the Feel Bad Blog. An artist living in Las Vegas or maybe Los Angeles, I'm not sure, started this blog after she lost her job. It's hilarious and done all in graphic illustrations. I love it. Even when it is kind of sad -- I mean, the blog is indeed all about feeling bad -- it is funny. Check it out.

Oh and finally, I must announce. I am a Gleek. I don't even like this song. But I love it on Glee.

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