Thursday, January 28, 2010

No. 17 -- Call my brothers once a month

Why it's on the list: Because my brothers (pictured above, Scott on the left doing the funny dance to get baby Luke to laugh, my younger brother Matthew watching) are great guys, and I should appreciate them more. And know them better.
How I'll do it. I will call them once a month. And guess what? Already done for this month!

I talked to Scott a week or two ago because I realized through Facebook sleuthing that he and his girlfriend had broken up. That was disappointing. I set them up. Well, me and the girl's sister. It was a sister-sister set-up and it seemed to be working magically, then splat! We talked for a good little while for the middle of a work day. He said he's not too heart-broken, but I felt like crying anyway.

I talked to Matthew on Tuesday when my little brother turned 28. YIKES.

He is surprisingly chatty. It creeps up on you. You're chit-chatting and then small talk turns into full-on gabbing, and you're like, really? We've got this much to say to each other?

I kid. He's my little brother. I have oodles of advice to give him. On this call it was mostly about his diet. But I have lots of advice for him in other areas of life as well, and I am looking forward to dispensing those morsels once a month. I bet he eager to receive them.

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