Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My pretty, pretty water bottle

My water bottle is so pushy. 

I mean... did IT have to wake up to workout at 6 a.m. No.

Does it have at least six bosses? No (just one -- me).

Does it have a never-ending to-do list? A toddler who never ever ever shuts his little pint-sized motor off for more than 10 seconds?

No. No.

So who is IT to tell me Enjoy Life!

Well, I'll be honest. I actually snagged this perky little guy from the shelf at Home Goods because it is so chirpy. Positive. Blindly optimistic. Sunshine and rainbows. I need a little sunshine and rainbows in my life. I need a reminder to freaking enjoy life a little already!

And beyond that, I also need a reminder to drink water. Without a water bottle, I would drink maybe at a meal. It's pitiful really.

If you're like me, I recommend the water bottle. Something you'll feel good carrying. That will make you smile a little. That will make it easy to have water wherever you are. That will make, "Do you know where the bathroom is? I have to pee," the most common phrase to come out of your mouth.

It's pushy. But I need a pushy now and then.

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