Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your ideas please

Oh, crap!

I mean... oh yea!

Tomorrow, according to the alert my Google Calendar just sent me is Random Act of Kindness Day. Second official.

Should it be that hard to think of something to do? No.

I could.... let someone ahead of me who needs to merge on the highway? I could put a candybar in someone's box at work. I could send my parents flowers. I could shovel someone's driveway.

But see I list that stuff and then my mind goes through all the reasons those ideas are no good. The first, I usually do anyway. The second, well, we all know high-fructose corn syrup is evil, and what if they gave up chocolate for Lent, and what if they start to think they have a weird inter-office stalker or something? The third is sooo been done. I mean, I did it last month. The last... well if someone I didn't know was suddenly shoveling my driveway, I think I'd be just a little bit frightened (like... who IS that?!?). Plus there's the issue of Luke.

This shows you how my mind works. It rationalizes all the joy out of ideas before they ever bloom.

So, give me some of YOUR ideas to trash!

Won't you?

I need help!

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