Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running running running

That's what Luke says to himself as he runs around our house: "Running, running, running!" Often to a soundtrack of me saying in my sing-song voice, "Luke is running! He's running!" He loves this. He will circle in and out of rooms, and then throw himself on the ground (why? because he's a little boy I suppose) and then he'll get up and keep going. Running, running, running.

Well, guess what? Mama's been running, running, running, too.

OK, only once. Just running. On Sunday, it was almost 40 degrees out, which is reason enough for celebration in Michigan in mid-February. Can I just stop to tell you I HATE February? February is the month two boyfriends dumped me, the month Jimmy and I had our biggest fight, the month a friend of mine died and the month I found out Luke had his heart defects. Throw in the fact that I'm pretty sure I get depressed each and every winter, and yes, it's certain: February blows big time.

It's an easy month to get derailed for things like accomplishing "20 little things." And I'm certainly derailed in some sense. There are a lot of areas I'm not keeping up. But I've just got to be OK with that, and I've just got to wait for days like Sunday.

Ah, yes, back to balmy beautiful Sunday.

For the first time in months, everything aligned. The weather was right, I felt healthy, my husband was around, there wasn't else much that needed urgent attention. I laced up my shoes, dug out the old running clothes and took off. By the first half-mile, I felt the familiar jiggle of every fat molecule -- the ones that had been so desperately clinging to the nooks and crannies all over my body -- spring loose. This is normal. At least in my experience. There is nothing that makes you as aware of how chubby you are like a good run. Another half a mile, and another familiar feeling: the burn of lungs that haven't reaaaallly had much going on in weeks, suddenly huffing and puffing to keep up.

I love that feeling. It's like, hey, wake up body! I'm alive, and I'm running! Get with the program!

At least, for a few minutes I love it. Another half a mile or so, and I had to walk a bit. From there to the end, two and a half miles total, I alternated. But mostly, I ran.

It was just 30 minutes, but I have that back-on-the-horse feeling. I think I'll be going running running running again next weekend.

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  1. Once I am up to running the whole time, we'll go running together!!! WAY TO GO!!!


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