Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey, it counts!

So technically, I had breakfast out with friends on Saturday. The key word being "I." They, my two lovely friends Kelly and Jen, just had coffee, those skinny bitches. I had a gingerbread waffle with apples and cinnamon. We sat in a massive booth. We talked about Kelly's upcoming wedding and sewing machines. So I ate and they didn't, but this counts for me as my monthly breakfast out with friends!

After breakfast, I went back to Jen's apartment after picking up Luke and my bag-o-fabric. We had a sewing summit, in which we did not even complete one stitch. Too busy gabbing about everything in our lives. Then we made a delicious whole wheat pizza. It was divine.

Later, I crumbled and bought a sewing machine. Let the crafting commence!

Luke and Jimmy are dancing in the family room right now to Robert Randolph's "I Need More Love."

The sun is shining.

I've had two cups of coffee.

I love the weekend.


  1. I say you had the better end of the deal with the waffle!!!

  2. ummm just for the record, not a skinny bitch (probably used to be though;), just a cheap one!

  3. kelly's one though for sure.


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