Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby burrito

When Luke was in the hospital, the nurses had this enviable technique when it came to swaddling. I still don't know just how they did it, but once that baby was wrapped, he was WRAPPED. Lights out.

 Baby burrito in the NICU, three days old.

 When we got home and tried to swaddled Luke, we realized just how amazing their skills were. For us, he was so strong, he'd just pop his little arms out in a matter of seconds, and the entire blanket would open up. Swaddle fail. Try as we did to replicate the magic of those nurses, we just couldn't figure out the secret.

 Swaddle fail.

So when I saw a tutorial on Prudent Baby for a DIY Swaddle Blanket, I thought suuuh-weet! Not for myself, mind you, as my 20-month-old bundle of energy is surely not going to let himself be contained by a mere blanket. But I do have, let's not forget, 10 pregnant friends. That's right, 10. I think we were at nine at last count, but then I saw my neighbor last week, who proceeded to gush about his "fat" pregnant wife. So, there you have it. 10.

Prudent Baby is like a godsend for me, because the tutorials are easy to follow, even for a true beginner like me. They feature lots of photos and clear instructions. I really need almost beyond clear instructions. Every little thing I do on my sewing machine, I wonder if there are tips that would make my end result look less sloppy. Maybe that just comes with time, I don't know. But there's no doubt about it: I don't really know what I'm doing. Somehow, though, with the tutorials on Prudent Baby, I feel confident to attempt a project like this.

And I think it turned out pretty well.

Even Luke can't get baby Teddy free!

This bear sings and lights up. I thought maybe the swaddle blanket would get it to shut up for once. Success!

I know there are so many more fabulous places to buy fabric than JoAnn's, but I do think you can find cute prints there if you really search. Both are flannel, although the flower print felt almost like cotton that when I got it home, I started to doubt whether it was the right material for the project. The yellow is indeed flannel, but it stretches, which began a problem. I didn't realize it at first, and I've never used my stretch stitches. So I trucked on with the normal stitches. And who the hell knows if that's a big issue or not.

Now, which baby should get this masterpiece? I only know the sex of one of the 10, and it is indeed a girl. But she's been showered with presents already. So I suppose this will go to the next one who is smart enough to find out the sex first and is having a girl. 

Unless I can't get Robert to give it up, of course. She likey.

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  1. CUUUUUUTE! Love me some Prudent Baby! I am getting my machine in April. :) And I already have a bunch of frabric selected already. I just wrote "frabric" and I'm going to keep it that way.


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