Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Monday quick hits....

  • It's 7:42 a.m., and I'm proud to report that I've been home from my workout for more than an house. Jazzercise, 5:30 a.m. I went once last week. I hope to go at least twice this week. 
  • I have an idea for Random Act of Kindness Day, which is coming up on Thursday. It involves Cadbury Cream Eggs. I apparently don't know how to do something kind without fattening people up. We'll see if I stick to this idea or figure out something better in the coming days.
  • I made one of my 20 Little Things to fast once per quarter. Well, guess what? Quarter one is just about up. A week or so to go. Which means I'm going to be doing a one-day fast in the coming days. I'm considering doing it tomorrow. That means eating dinner tonight and then no food again until dinner Tuesday. I worry a bit though that I'm not "prepared." But I don't know, maybe that's missing the point. Part of me feels like I should go on a mini-fast to prepare for my fast. Or at least eat, like, mostly fruit today.
  • MSU is in the Sweet Sixteen! One of the best buzzer beaters I've ever seen from the Spartans. Shots like that never seem to fall for them. I have doubts they can go much further without Kalin Lucas. But still very cool to see them back in the Sweet Sixteen. Where they belong. :)
  • I rearranged my family room yesterday, and I am so wishing I'd done this, oh, three years ago. Now we need to get two new armchairs, and that room will finally be a comfortable place. Yay!
  • And finally, I never take photos of my cat anymore. Luke eats up most of my camera attention. But the other day she was curled up in the sun, and I took a few photos for old-time sake. Enjoy, and enjoy your Monday, too!

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