Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bibs and burpclothes

Excuse me, did I say in a previous blog post that I have eight pregnant friends?

Sorry, my mistake.

Make it NINE.

Sheesh! There is something going around, and please, I don't want to catch it quiiiiiiite yet. OK, body? Let's wait at least a few months more. Good? Deal.

In the meantime, I've started creating some baby crafts to give for gifts all year. With my first baby shower looming today, I started this week with bibs and burpclothes.

For the burpclothes, I used one I like as a pattern. For the bibs, I used a pattern I printed online from a site here.

The fabric in this case came from Jo-Ann's. Cotton (on sale!) for the front and terry cloth (coupon!) for the back, just like the other bib I made.

The finishing detail was the bias tape, and it makes a big difference in the final look. I had no idea how to use it but found a great tutorial video (and hilarious, PS) at this great site, Angry Chicken. Without her video, I would have been lost.

The pattern for the bib seemed really large, and I liked that, but the bib ended up being pretty normal sized. And actually, the two sides don't really meet in the back the way they should. I know that's my fault, because I'm still learning how to sew well. I am more of a big picture than detail sort of girl, and the details matter when it comes to something like sewing. It's easy for the project to look sloppy if you aren't making straight lines and doing everything just so. I'm working on that.

So just don't look too closely. Otherwise, they're cute, eh?

Now I have about three hours to wrap the present, buy a card, eat breakfast, feed the boy, guzzle coffee, shower, primp and preen, and get my booty to Ann Arbor for the shower! And... GO!

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