Friday, March 5, 2010

What's going on?

I wrote this nice, lengthy letter on Sunday, just sneaking in my one-handwritten-letter-per-month. It's to Grandma, who lives down in Florida.

I didn't mail it Monday, because I was having some pictures printed to send along with it.

I picked up the pictures on Tuesday. But I didn't put the letter in the mail that evening.

Or on Wednesday.

And on Thursday, I get a call at work from my husband, who had heard from his parents that Grandma had a stroke.

I don't know much about how she's doing besides that she can walk with a limp, she's talking and she's going home this weekend. So I think you could classify the stroke as "mild." But I feel so terrible anyway. She's all alone down there, at least in terms of family. I hope she's OK.

I wish I'd sent my letter earlier. Now I think I might not send it at all... It's weird to send it now knowing what's going on with her, right? I think so.

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