Monday, March 29, 2010

Littlle black (sad) dress

One of my dear BFFs is getting married in October. I'm immensely happy for her. She's awesome. He's awesome. They're gonna be great.

I'm standing up in her wedding as the Matron of Honor.

I joke that this means I am to do my very best to look the part -- frumpy and you know, matronly.

She asked each bridesmaid to buy herself a little black dress. Any designer, any style will do. We get to pick whatever we love and feel amazing in, as long as it's a certain length and black. A very cool bridesmaid assignment.

The only pitfall with it is now I'm charged with finding said dress. It's not that I don't enjoy the shopping and the buying. Oh no. I enjoy those greatly. But finding the time isn't always easy with my sweet little two-feet-tall companion.

I also have a bad habit of buying things without putting the adequate amount of thought into them. Queen of the impulse buy. The buy-it-because-it's-on-sale. Because-it-looks-good-on-the-hanger, sure-it'll-look-good-on-me. The buy it because I'm in a hurry and leaving empty-handed just feels so wrong.

So I was at Nordstrom's last week, and I tried on six dresses, and they were all nice. And so I couldn't leave without one, right?

I mean, the wedding is only..... seven months away.


And so I bought a dress. It's twirly. Meaning, the skirt is flippy and spinny. That's nice. It also features an interesting collar detail. Other than that.... I'm starting to think I goofed. That it's sort of a sad dress. While parts of it are flattering on me, it is a little frumpy from the chest to the waist. There's nothing to cinch it in.

What do you think? Sad?


I can do better, right?


  1. This dress is a lot "blacker" than the pics make it seem!! It's cute!!!

  2. I know! That is weird. It's really black. I think it's going back. :)


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