Saturday, May 1, 2010


I made an apron!

And I did it without a tutorial to follow or a pattern, besides the old raggedy apron I wanted to replace. I just folded it in half length-wise, folded the fabric in half and cut. The straps, the same thing, although I did start with one fabric and then switched when I couldn't flip the tube right-side out easily. I made the first tube too narrow using too stiff a fabric. This red backweight cotton was easier to work with, and I increased the size a little. I think doing it again, I'd make the bottom straps even thicker. I like a big thick strap.

Of course, there are a few little issues. I'm not sure how to best close the ends of the straps. I should have closed one end while sewing, but it didn't dawn on me. Attaching them was also a question, but I did what made sense to me -- folded them into the edges of the hems then then sewed them straight in as I stitched around the sides.

It has a nice double pocket on the front... might be a little hard to see.

For my first apron attempt, I'm pretty pleased!

After I was done, I did find a boatload of free apron tutorials via So you don't have to freewheel it like me!


  1. CUTE! I want that fabric!! Let me know where you got that from!!!

  2. It's from Haberman's! Which means it was a little pricier than Jo-Ann's. Still only bought one yard and it was about $10. Still cheaper than buying an apron!


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