Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make-up bags

Attempt one. Took me all afternoon. Fabrics given to me by my friend Jen. It turned out somewhat functional but far from perfect. The outer fabric was kind of hard to work with. It was fraying terrible by the zipper and I wound up with holes. Also I was hasty when I cut the corners on the bottom and they ended up being uneven. This is a lesson I am slowly learning from sewing: there is no cutting corners. You must take time, measure, pin, recheck everything, and go slowly. That is typically not how I operate in life. Most of the time, I make up my mind (this is the part that can take me forever) and then I GO. I'm learning to focus on the details and take my time.

 See? Lop-sided.

Attempt two turned out much better. Used up the scraps from my apron and made another bag, this one a birthday present for my friend Aimee.

I think there might have been a hole somewhere in this one, too. That's one thing I have trouble with -- leaving enough seam allowance. But overall, I was really happy with this!

Then I decided to sew up one for my Mom for Mother's Day. She isn't much of a traveler or a make-up wearer. But I figured anyone can find a use for a cute zipper pouch, and at that point, I had no other ideas. So this is what she got.

Made up of Arts and Scraps fabric finds, so the total cost for this one was basically $2.

I'm going to make myself another one to replace the first attempt. Then of course I will need to buy all new makeup in nice clean packages. The outside of my makeup always gets gunky and then my make-up bags get gunky. Does that happen to everyone, or am I just an even bigger mess than I realize?

Oh, by the way, the tutorial is from, you guessed it, Prudent Baby! I'm kind of obsessed.

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