Monday, May 17, 2010

10-minute onesie dresses

I need to have a girl.

Seriously! There are so many cute things to make for girls. Boys, not so much.

But a few weeks ago, I whipped up these "10-minute onesie" dresses from Prudent Baby. Of course, for me, I think the first one took at least an hour, and the second one probably 30 minutes. It's true they're simple though, and fairly easy. And how cute! I'm excited to give these to one of my 13 preggo friends. It's hard to pick who...  If you're one of them and want one, you can bribe me with blue corn tortilla chips and white bean hummus from Trader Joe's. I think that combo is now one of the major food groups in this house.

I'll be updating this week with several more projects I've been working on.

What are YOU working on?


  1. SOOOOO CUTE!!!! Once I get good at sewing, which should be by the time I am 45, I hope to make these too!!!

  2. They're really pretty easy, although I did majorly screw up the first one and had to improvise... But look, it worked out! Have you made anything yet?


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